Four years of quilts

I started quilting in October 2013, learning from all those wonderful quilters who are kind enough to share their skill through YouTube videos and blog posts. I have made 16 quilts over these last four years, from the humble beginnings of a purple rag quilt (still on our bed) to the patchwork for my friend Olga this past summer.  I’ve made quilts for people I love, and this gives me the greatest pleasure–to plan each quilt thinking of that person, his colours, her design.  Quilting has brought frustration and joy, has made me more patient, has allowed me to learn through mistakes, to take risks, to be creative with colour and pattern.  I’ve found photos of 14 of the 16 quilts, shown here.  Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

“For it is in giving that we receive.” Saint Francis of Assisi

4 thoughts on “Four years of quilts

  1. Dear Madeline, you are making this world kinder and more beautiful! It is neat to see a quilt you made for me alongside your other creations. Thank you! Happy thanksgiving to your family!


    • Oh, Thank you, Paul! That was a quilt I made for my middle son, Sam. I asked him what colours he liked and he told me orange and blue – they are beautifully complementary (opposite on the colour wheel?).


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