Sequential Art: the Snake Pit

I changed the tagline of my blog from “Reader, Writer” to “The work wants to be made,” an Elizabeth Gilbert quotation. The rest of that line is “and it wants to be made by you.” I feel like a vehicle for expression–sometimes I don’t even know where stuff is coming from–but the work wants to be made.

I will use the blog to feature not only my writing, but also my other forms of creative expression.

I am taking an amazing online course: “Going in for the Snakes” at the Sequential Art Workshop (Gainesville, Florida).

Our teacher, Tom, is getting us to dig deep to tell stories with pictures and words. This week, I got immersed in telling this crazy story that I thought I would share.  IMG_2166IMG_2167IMG_2168IMG_2169IMG_2170

And here’s another sequence from the previous week. . .


4 thoughts on “Sequential Art: the Snake Pit

  1. Hi Madeline, I love your comic strip. The drawings are amazing, so simple but express so much ferocity, emotion, sexiness and are also terribly funny. Wow! Totally great! Arnie


  2. Arnie, Thank you so much for your praise! You made my day! And you motivate me to continue to post my comics. I have so much I want to express in this medium and great to know there is a (small) audience. All my best,


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