About me

I was born in Berkeley, California on Hallowe’en night, 1958. My family moved to Toronto, Ontario in 1965, then my first husband and I moved to Victoria, British Columbia in 1989. I have three grown children. I remarried in 2012. 

Michael and I live in a house in Victoria with our cat, Joy, and our golden doodle, Marvin. I am an introvert, drawing my energy from time alone in repose or creation. I love to write and read, to sew and create. I make quilts and purses and pillowcases–anything that pleases me, really. I write poems and stories (some featured in this blog), and recently a novel. Sometimes I draw and doodle, make comics and mandalas. 

I work as a tutor and freelance editor

I am on Instagram: maddyruthwalker

If you have comments or questions about the blog, you can use the comment feature or email me at maddyruthwalker@gmail.com 

Thank you for reading my writing. 


Michael and Madeline – Tofino, BC 2022

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